presentation of William Shakespeare

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE AND HIS PLAYS   Was an English playwright, actor and poet. Born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England . He wrote several plays as: Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Otelo, La tempestad, … William Shakespeare is considered the most important writer in English language.  ELIZABETHAN THEATRE The elizabethan theatre (1558-1625) is a denomination of dramatics theatre written during the reign on Isabel I ( one ) of england. Characteristics: The theatres was circular constructions   . they had central yards. surrounded by galleries. they are divided in 4 (four) genders: comedy, tragedy , tragiccomedy and masquerade. They don´t haved ceiling.

In my opinion

   IN MY OPINION, IS IT BETTER TO GO ON HOLIDAY TO A HOTEL OR IN A CARAVAN  In my opinion it's better to go on a holiday to a hotel . My  family and i usually spend our holidays in a hotel in summer. It's more relaxing staying in a caravan. I like staying in a hotel because you have more space . You don't have the bathroom in the bedroom or it is bigger . I also like it because there is more freedom, so you do not have to tidy your bedroom.  Some people prefer caravans, but no me ¡ I don't li.ke staying in caravans because it's boring .It's more unstressed going on holiday and staying in a hotel.